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Social Media & Sexting Intervention Program

Five Goals in the Program:

  1. Will recognize and acknowledge the affects and influences social media has on society’s thoughts, feelings, and actions towards one another

  2. Will improve understanding of rape culture and how it is structured and depicted in everyday life

  3. Will improve understanding of how destructive victim blaming mentality, re-victimization, and objectification are and how they lead to creating and establishing a perpetrator mentality

  4. Will recognize the relationship between asking for sexually explicit photos and how it plays into sexual assault and rape culture

  5. Will improve self value and better understand how to develop healthier ways to cope, to communication and to set healthy boundaries within relationships.


Completion requirements:

  • Attend all 5 sessions in full. In the case of emergencies, please contact 262-334-729

  • Attendance is taken every class

  • Members must participate in the class, complete homework assignments, and come prepared to discuss them. The class relies on all members sharing their insights and experiences to learn from each other

  • Those who do not participate and/ or come prepared will not successfully complete the course, even if all 5 sessions are attended

  • Completed assignments must be brought to class the week after they are assigned

  • Members must attend the entire session

  • To complete the program, members must pass a test at the end of the course. All test questions will be based on content found in program booklet.​

Image by William Iven
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