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Legal Services

FRIENDS is one of two domestic violence service providers in the state to have a full-time Family Law Attorney and full-time Legal Advocate on staff to ensure individuals affected by domestic violence and sexual assault are afforded all of their legal protections when fleeing an abusive relationship.


The legal advocate offers immediate crisis advocacy at charging conferences for domestic violence and sexual assault, assists clients in navigating the legal system,  provides assistance in receiving a temporary restraining order and then provides service representation to help victims receive an injunction. In addition, the legal advocate can provide assistance with general family law questions and forms.

The attorney offers a wide-range of limited scope representation for households affected by domestic violence or sexual assault. In addition, she can provide full representation for divorce, child custody and placement issues, and child support issues.


Both FRIENDS Attorney and Legal Advocate are available by appointment only. Please contact our crisis line to ensure your individual legal needs can be addressed by FRIENDS legal staff. 

All services are offered confidentially and free of charge. Call 262-334-7298

Lydia - Faily Law Attorney - Photo credit to Kotowski Creations Photography
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